This web site was formed to help with the creating of Infrared images with the Nikon 990.
It has not been updated since 2001 and won't be since I don't own the Coolpix 990 anymore. I now own the Nikon D50 that was converted to an IR camera, so that is what I am using now to do my IR shots. You can see them in my IR section of the main website.

This information site has continued to receive hits years after it was created, so to all the Nikon Coolpix users out there that stop by here, good luck and I hope you have great success with your work.

Cheers everyone, and happy shooting.

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How to create IRs with the Coolpix 990


Nikon 990 Infrared News Updates
9-8-00 New Archive of the WWW board completed. Check it out!
7-6-00 New Harrison & Harrison 88A - 89B side by side comparison, click here to see the results.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy it.

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