Digital Infrared – Nikon D50

I posted a new set of images on my Flickr page from a recent family mini vacation up the north shore to Split Rock Lighthouse here in Minnesota. I took my Nikon D50 that was converted to shoot only Infrared since my point and shoot was in the shop for…

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Clean your sensors D3 owners

I found out the hard way that the D3, while the best digital camera I have owned, needs to be cleaned routinly like I never did with my other digicams. I leaned this lesson after spending an extra hour spot cleaning over 85 images after a recent job. Consider this…

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Nikkor 50-300mm ED zoom = LOVE

UPDATE – this lens is now for sale. $900.00 + SOLD 12/1/08. I have a thing about my Nikons… no, not that kind of thing! I just love the craftsmanship and the name and the history that comes with it. Since I got into photography back in 1983, Nikon has…

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New day, new client

Today was a good day. Good because it is a new year and that is always a good thing, but it was a good day because I started it with a new client.Great Northern Casket Co. is a dealer in, well, caskets. Not a subject most people like to think…

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